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5 Neighborly Fence Etiquette Tips June 20, 2019

Nicholasville, Jessamine
5 Neighborly Fence Etiquette Tips, Nicholasville, Kentucky

No matter how much space separates your home from your neighbors, installing a new fence will affect everyone involved. Practicing proper etiquette before hiring a fence contractor can save you time, money, and possible headaches. If you keep in mind that your neighbors will have to see your new border daily, these tips should be easy to follow.

Fence Etiquette Advice for Neighbors

1. Determine Property Lines

The law forbids fence installation on anything other than your own property, so determining the legally precise line should be your first step prior to choosing materials or hiring a fence contractor. Homeowners can refer to their home’s blueprint for boundary lines or check with their local county records office for a new copy.

2. Discuss Plans

fence contractorBefore you get started, your neighbor’s involvement should be at the top of your list. Discussing your plan will help alleviate any possible conflicts your neighbor may have regarding materials and fence placement. Who knows, you may even find yourselves working together to maximize your fencing project.

3. Hire a Reputable Fence Contractor

Choosing the right contractor to erect your fence may take additional time, but it will be well worth it once you see the finished product. Utilize your local fence installer’s expertise to help pick the best fence material for your property, and make sure they guarantee their work with a good warranty and repair options.

4. Finish Well

The half of your fence facing the outside of your property should be finished for aesthetic reasons, but it will also make your neighbor happy. Your fence contractor can also show you double-sided options for privacy fences—with pickets on both sides for added security and better appeal.  

5. Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Be mindful—broken-down fences are a blight on you and your neighbor’s property. Choose a fence built from sturdy material to reduce long-term maintenance, and avoid unsightly rust, fading paint, or broken sections. Neighborly harmony will be practically guaranteed. 


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