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3 Tips to Make Funeral Planning Less Stressful June 20, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Tips to Make Funeral Planning Less Stressful, Cincinnati, Ohio

Arranging any event can be stressful, and this is especially true with funeral planning. Heightened feelings of grief and anger over the loss can make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. To plan a touching tribute for a deceased loved one while remaining calm throughout the process, follow the below advice. 

3 Ways to Curb Funeral Planning Stress

1. Create a Budget

If your loved one did not make pre-arrangements, the costs associated with funeral planning could add up quickly. Not knowing how you will cover all the necessary expenses can be stressful. So you can create a memorable send-off without draining your bank account, decide on a budget and stick to it. You can pull the funds from your savings as well as money from insurance policies. You can also ask the funeral home representatives about potential payment plans.

2. Keep the Event Intimate

Cincinnati-Ohio-funeral-planningThe larger the function, the more stress you could potentially experience during the planning stages. Reaching out to multiple acquaintances of the deceased to make the funeral announcement can be emotionally taxing. To eliminate this burden, keep the gathering to close friends and family members. When you are feeling emotionally stronger, you can hold a celebration of life event so casual acquaintances and colleagues can honor your loved one’s memory.

3. Take Time for Yourself 

In the midst of funeral planning, it can be easy to lose sight of your own needs. Even though you might have a long list of tasks to accomplish, remember to get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods to remain energized. Taking time to care for yourself will aid your physical and mental well-being. To lighten the load, you can also ask others to help with making arrangements.


If you have lost a loved one in the Cincinnati, OH, area, reach out to the caring, patient funeral directors at Meyer & Geiser Funeral Home. With more than seven decades of combined experience, the professionals see to every aspect of funeral planning so Hamilton County families can concentrate on coping with grief. To schedule a consultation, call (513) 921-4144 or visit the funeral home online to fill out a request form.