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How Does Summer Affect Your Plumbing? July 24, 2019

How Does Summer Affect Your Plumbing?, ,

During the summer season, your home’s plumbing system will likely get more than normal use. With kids home from school and visits from out-of-town guests, your toilets, showers, washing machine, and dishwasher may be in near-constant use. Here are some common plumbing problems to watch out for during the warm months of summer. 

4 Common Summer Plumbing Issues

1. Drain Clogs

Kids may accidentally flush small toys, soaps, crayons, and lots of other stuff down toilets, resulting in blockages. In summer, more grease, more coffee grounds, and more fibrous vegetable peelings may end up in your kitchen sink. Pay attention to how your family and guests are treating your plumbing system, and issue friendly reminders if the situation gets out of hand.

2. Pipe Leaks

Leaks often occur more frequently in the summer because of increases in water pressure, so watch for drips, seepage, and joint weakness in your pipes. Heavy rains and floods, which may shift your foundation and dislodge downspouts, are two other sources of summertime pipe troubles. And tree roots that reach into your drainage pipes and cause leaks are particularly distressing. 

plumbing3. Septic Overflow

More flushes during the summer results in a higher wastewater output. Without regular pumping and inspections, your septic tank may overflow. No one wants sewage pooling onto their lawns or or backing up into their toilets. Schedule pumping services before the summer season to ensure that your tank has sufficient capacity.

4. Sun Damage

Pipes on the exterior of your home may be vulnerable to sun damage. As UV rays beat down on exposed pipes during June, July, and August, your pipes could weaken or crack. Ward off sun damage by painting your pipes with a protective layer of acrylic or latex.


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