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What Should You Know About Your Parent’s Medicaid Plan? June 13, 2019

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What Should You Know About Your Parent’s Medicaid Plan?, Greece, New York

As your parent ages, you may be assisting them with financial and medical decisions. As you do so, Medicaid will be one of the most important aspects of their care for you to understand—if they qualify. Many individuals are unsure about what it covers. Here’s what you need to know. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicaid

What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a health care program funded jointly by state and federal governments. It provides coverage for millions of adults, including seniors and low-income individuals. The objective of this program is to make health care affordable and accessible to people living below certain income levels. Criteria for eligibility vary from state to state, but in general, people who make less than 100-200% of the federal poverty level and are pregnant, elderly, disabled, or caring for a child will likely qualify. The program typically covers long-term care, lab work, and diagnostics, among other services.

Does Your Parent Qualify?

medicaidTo determine whether your parent is eligible for Medicaid, research the income requirements for their state. In New York, for example, the program covers all adults in need who earn an income within 138% of the federal poverty level, or $16,643 or less for a single-person household. Pregnant women, infants, parents, and caretaker relatives who meet these criteria are also eligible for coverage.

What Is the Application Process?

There are many options available for applying for this form of assistance. For one, you can help your parent apply online via the New York State of Health website (if your parent lives in New York). You can also call the help line provided on the website. With that said, some individuals prefer to work with a broker, who can walk you through enrollment and explain the scope of coverage in accessible terms.


If you think your loved one may be eligible for Medicaid and you’d like to explore your coverage options, turn to Hurley Care Solutions in Monroe County, NY. These elder care plan specialists are knowledgeable in assistance programs and can make enrollment simple and hassle-free for your family member. Explore their full range of services online, or call (585) 471-5239 to get in touch with their caring support staff.