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4 Cavity Myths Debunked July 3, 2019

Richmond Hill, Bryan
4 Cavity Myths Debunked, Richmond Hill, Georgia

When your dentist diagnoses you with a cavity, you’ll probably have a few questions. Many people believe they’re fully informed about tooth decay, when in fact they’ve fallen victim to myths and misinformation surrounding this common issue. Here are a few misconceptions about cavities that may change the way you think about them.

What Are Some Misconceptions Regarding Cavities?

1. Cavities in Primary Teeth Aren’t a Big Deal

While it’s true that primary teeth are temporary, it is concerning when a dentist discovers a cavity in a baby tooth. If the tooth needs to be extracted, it could cause problems for adult teeth. It also shows that a child is lax about dental care, and these bad habits can follow into adulthood. 

2. Only Sugar Causes Cavities

dentistSugar is a leading cause of tooth decay. However, other foods and drinks can be just as damaging. For instance, the acids in citrus fruits wear down tooth enamel, which leaves it more vulnerable to bacteria. Starchy foods like bread can also be hazardous since carbohydrates are converted to sugar. 

3. You Don’t Need to Worry Unless You Have a Toothache

A toothache indicates a significant issue with decay. Your dentist can find and treat cavities long before you reach this point, which ensures you have more options for treatment. This highlights the importance of scheduling dental visits at least once a year. 

4. Sugar-Free Soda Is Safe for Teeth

All soda is acidic, even ones that don’t contain sugar. That means that even sugar-free soda has the potential to damage your teeth, even if the effect is not as severe as regular soda. Water is the best beverage for your teeth, as it contains no harmful elements and boosts saliva production. 


With more than three decades of experience, the dentists at Richmond Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offer preventative treatment and tips to limit your risk of cavities. They provide comprehensive exams that utilize the latest in diagnostic tools that ensure any problems are caught early on. They also provide more specialized services, including treatment of jaw pain related to TMJ disorder. If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, they offer teeth whitening, crowns, and orthodontic services. Schedule an appointment in Richmond Hill, GA, today by calling (912) 756-3880. You can also visit them online to learn more about their services.   

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