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Why You Should Try Thai Massage July 8, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Why You Should Try Thai Massage, Manhattan, New York

Getting a massage has many benefits, from reducing muscle tension to improving mood and sleep. However, with so many types of massages available, how can you decide which spa treatment is best for you? Thai massage is one of the most popular full-body massage options. Below is everything you need to know about this spa treatment and its benefits.

What Is Thai Massage?

spa treatmentThai massage is an ancient practice that uses deep pressure on various points of the body to enhance the flow of energy. Unlike a western-style massage, Thai massage is conducted on a floor mat or a firm floor mattress. It is also unique in that it involves active bodily movements, with the therapist often lifting and pulling your limbs in addition to applying pressure to points of tension to thoroughly stretch your muscles. Oils and lotions are typically not used and the participant is often clothed.

What Are the Health Benefits?

Thai massage offers a variety of health benefits. Applying pressure to your muscles can release tension and reduce stress. The stretching techniques also help increase flexibility, range of motion, and joint mobility, which can lead to better posture and reduced body aches. Thai massage has also been found to relieve headache and migraine symptoms by relaxing the nervous system and improving circulation. 


When you’re ready to schedule your next Thai massage, turn to the experienced therapists at New Paradise Men’s Spa. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this locally owned and operated day spa offers a wide range of rejuvenating spa treatments, from waxing and facials to massages and manicures. Call (646) 559-1621 to schedule an appointment with a therapist and visit them online to browse their full list of spa treatments and services. 

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