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3 Strategies to Prevent Summer Learning Loss June 19, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Strategies to Prevent Summer Learning Loss, Brooklyn, New York

Although summer break is only 2 months, it’s plenty of time for elementary-aged kids to forget what they learned during the school year. The summer slide will leave your youngster ill-prepared to face academic challenges at their learning center this fall. To prevent grade slippage, frustration, and a drop in your child’s self-esteem, here are a few strategies to avoid summer learning loss. 

3 Tactics to Avoid Summer Setback

1. Encourage Reading as a Hobby

Reading proficiency can decline at an alarming speed over summer. You don’t want your kid to struggle with book reports and reading out loud in class, so encourage them to create a list of books to enjoy throughout summer vacation. From graphic novels to YA fiction, the reading list should include an eclectic variety of literature so your elementary schooler remains enthusiastic about the new hobby. 

2. Teach Math Through Household Activities

Brooklyn-New-York-learning-centerIn addition to a drop in reading retention, youngsters lose 2.6 months of math knowledge during summer vacation. To boost your child’s brain power, incorporate math into everyday activities. When cooking, they can help sort ingredients to practice measuring. They can also practice addition and multiplication by tallying totals on grocery lists and division and subtraction when factoring in discounts. You can also find math-based board games to play with the entire family.

3. Enroll in an Academic-Based Summer Camp

Continuing your child’s education over summer is also advisable. Not only will it prevent retention problems, but they will also be ahead of their classmates. During summer camps, STEM curriculum is reinforced through engaging projects and fun activities. When your child is confident in their abilities, they’ll be more inclined to speak up in class at their learning center this fall, increasing their participation points. 


To ensure your child has fun over the break while flexing their mental muscle, sign up for the summer sessions at FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center. The educators at this Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based learning center provide math and reading enrichment programs and tutoring to help New York City kids bridge the achievement gap. Call (347) 987-4450 to inquire about summer offerings or visit them online for details. Become a Facebook & Instagram follower for event alerts.