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Why You Should Mow the Lawn Yourself June 19, 2019

Monroe, Fairfield County
Why You Should Mow the Lawn Yourself, Monroe, Connecticut

If you’ve just moved into a house of your own, you’ll soon be faced with a tough decision: should you hire a professional landscaper to cut your grass, or buy an electric lawn mower and do it yourself? While you’ll have to depend on professionals for pest control problems and plumbing emergencies, this is one household task you can safely tackle alone. In fact, there are several benefits to doing it yourself.

3 Reasons to Mow Your Own Lawn

1. Save Money

While you’ll need to invest in a quality electric lawn mower, you’ll have far fewer expenses. If you hire a professional to cut the grass, you’ll need to part them every time they come—whether that’s once a month or every week. Also, having them help you with irrigation and seeding can be costly. 

2. Get Some Exercise

electric lawn mowerIf you have a decent-sized lawn, pushing your electric lawn mower across every lush square foot will help you get a cardio workout in and burn some calories. As long as you’re standing tall and engaging your core, you’ll feel the effects of this simple chore in your abs, arms, glutes, and calves. However, to make sure you get the health benefits—without damaging your hearing—wear earplugs. 

3. Relax

In our modern, tech-heavy world, spending time outside can be rare. By mowing the lawn, you can save money while enjoying nature. As you feel the sun warm your skin, hear the birds chirping, and breathe in the invigorating scent of fresh-cut grass, you’ll feel calm and centered. Plus, the repetitive, back and forth motion involved in mowing can be meditative for many adults, allowing space for the mind to wander while the body moves.


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