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3 Strategies to Keep Track of Your Keys June 19, 2019

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3 Strategies to Keep Track of Your Keys, Terryville, New York

If you’ve ever dealt with lost keys, you know how difficult it is to replace them. In addition to finding a replacement, you also have to deal with the insecurity of not knowing where your keys currently are — and who may have picked them up. To ensure your home’s security and your peace of mind, here are three ways to make sure you always know where your keys are.

3 Tips to Avoid Lost Keys

1. Use a Large, Heavy Keychain

Because keys are so small and lightweight, you might not notice that they’re gone until you reach for them and realize that they’re missing. To make your keys more noticeable, secure them to a heavy, bulky keychain. You’ll instantly be aware of the weight difference when it isn’t in your bag or tucked away in a pocket.

2. Download an App

lost-keysNowadays there are mobile apps for everything, including those to find lost keys. Tile®, for example, manufacturers a fob that can be used as a keychain. After downloading the accompanying app on your smartphone, you can click the “find” button to locate your keys. The fob will make a noise so you can pinpoint the keys’ location. In addition to tracking down lost keys, there are also apps that help ensure you don’t forget them in the first place. With the Don’t Leave It!® app, you can specify a maximum distance of how far you should be from specific items. When you walk outside the perimeter zone, the app will send you an alert. 

3. Always Leave Keys in the Same Place

Being a creature of habit can help prevent you from losing your keys. Each day when you get home from work, school, or running errands, put your keys in the same spot. This should be close to your front door. Consider putting the keys in a colorful, eye-catching bowl or open box. You’ll always notice it before you leave, and you’ll remember to pick up the keys inside.



Even if you lose your keys, you can rest easy knowing that the technicians at Competition Locksmith will replace your lost keys. Based in Port Jefferson Station, NY, this professional locksmith offers round-the-clock service to help Suffolk County residents during emergencies. They will also provide lockout service and install equipment by Schlage® and Kwikset® to boost the security of your space. To learn more about having house and car keys made, call (631) 807-1366. Visit the 24-hour locksmith online to learn more about their services. Follow them on Facebook for company announcements.  

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