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5 Safety Tips for DIY Woodworkers July 12, 2019

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5 Safety Tips for DIY Woodworkers , Norwood, Ohio

Whether you like to build birdhouses or craft ornate furniture, working with wood can be a satisfying and creative experience. While there are countless carpentry projects that you can fulfill your spare time with, it’s an activity that does require planning. Most importantly, do-it-yourself (DIY) carpenters must take care to operate equipment safely—as many of them are sharp and can lead to severe injury. Before you pick up your lumber and other building materials, here are a few woodworking safety tips that you should review.

5 Ways to Stay Safe When Working With Wood

1. Wear the Right Gear

To protect yourself from flying debris, you should wear goggles. If a saw is loud, you’ll also need hearing protection to minimize the risk of hearing loss. When wearing clothes, it’s best to choose items that keep you covered but are not too loose that they might get caught up in machinery. Durable, steel-toed boots are also recommended to protect your feet from falling building materials.

2. Keep Blades Sharp

building materialsIn addition to producing clean results, sharp blades and bits are an important component of safety. If they become dull, the equipment may kick back or bind, increasing your risk of injury. To avoid these dangers, replace or sharpen blades and bits as needed.

3. Never Get Close to Moving Blades

While many carpentry tools feature guards to prevent accidental injuries, it’s still never a good idea to approach equipment while it is in motion. This might seem like an easy task, but instinctual movements, such as reaching over to pick up a cut piece, may put you too close to a blade. If you need to move within the area of the tool, make sure it is completely off first.

4. Inspect Lumber Before Cutting

If you’re repurposing used wood, be sure to carefully inspect it for metal—such as nails or screws. If woodworking equipment comes in contact with these pieces, they may break off and injure you. For greater peace of mind, purchase clean building materials from a trusted lumber supply company.

5. Unplug Equipment After Use  

Anytime you’re not actively using carpentry tools, make sure they are turned off all of the way and unplugged from their power source. You should also do this before changing blades or servicing the equipment. Taking these steps will keep the machines from turning on when you don’t want them too—a danger that could lead to severe injuries.


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