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3 Reasons Regular Forklift Maintenance Is Necessary June 21, 2019

De Kalb, Bowie
3 Reasons Regular Forklift Maintenance Is Necessary, De Kalb, Texas

From moving cargo quickly to storing items on high shelves, forklifts come in handy for various purposes. Forklift starter malfunctions, wheel damage, and additional issues can slow down operations. Investing in regular equipment maintenance will prevent disruptions to the workflow and benefit your business for additional reasons, highlighted here. 

Why Prioritize Forklift Maintenance?

1. Comply With Industry Regulations

To maintain a safe workplace, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines regarding forklift maintenance. This includes charging batteries, changing fluids, and other aspects of equipment care. By maintaining your fleet of forklifts, you’ll be in compliance with these rules, avoiding penalties that throw a wrench in operations. 

2. Avoid Costly Breakdowns

forklift starterFrom boxes to building materials, lifting heavy cargo over and over causes strain to the forklift mast. Eventually, it could buckle under the pressure. If the forklift starter is on the fritz, it could fail during operation, too. When this motor can’t rotate the internal combustion engine, the equipment will be inoperable until the issue is fixed. During a routine maintenance call, technicians will check mast bearings for signs of wear, corrosion to the forklift starter, and any additional causes for concern. Catching and correcting these issues immediately will prevent unexpected failure and the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

3. Know When Equipment Should Be Taken Out of Circulation

To prevent workplace accidents, defective equipment should be taken out of the rotation. Some issues could be too subtle to notice when operating a forklift. By having the investments regularly serviced, you’ll be able to tell when a vehicle should be put out of commission.


If you’ve experienced problems with a forklift starter, contact the team at Eubanks Auto Electric in De Kalb, TX, for help. For over 60 years, residents in Bowie County have turned to the company for starter and alternator repairs and upkeep to extend the lives of their industrial equipment and heavy-duty vehicles. They will diagnose problems and find effective solutions to restore performance. For a service estimate, call (903) 667-2081. Visit the technicians online to learn more about the solutions they provide. 

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