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How to Start a Career as a Home Health Aide June 20, 2019

Springfield Gardens, Queens
How to Start a Career as a Home Health Aide, Queens, New York

If you’re passionate about helping others and you’re looking for a longterm viable career option, pursuing home health aide training is an excellent pathway to a successful and fulfilling job.  Here is what you should know about this occupation and how to get started. 

Understanding Home Health Aide Training & Opportunities

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

These professionals work on-site with elderly, sick, or disabled patients to make living at home comfortable and medically sound. Their daily tasks vary based on the patient’s needs, but they often include bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, cooking, doing laundry, and grocery shopping to ensure the patient has a safe and healthy living environment.

Some home health aides will also arrange transportation to medical appointments, plan social outings, and monitor a patient’s health condition. While this is an entry-level position, they often elect to enter certified nursing assistant programs as well, so they’re able to administer medication and check vital signs. 

What Training Is Necessary to Start a Career in This Field?

Home Health AideTo start a career in this rewarding field, you’ll need to earn a high school diploma or a GED equivalent and possess a clean driving and background check.

Next, you’ll need to enroll in a home health aide, or HHA, training program and earn your certification under the supervision of a registered nurse. In the state of New York, this requires a total of 75 hours of training, with at least 16 of those hours in a clinical setting as opposed to a classroom. Some HHA programs can be completed in anywhere from three to seven weeks. It’s important to note that as you continue on your career path, you’ll be expected to complete 12 hours of continued education each year to stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare practices and regulations. Once you join a home health care agency, you’ll need to adhere to their specific requirements or certifications, such as CPR training, to be placed with patients. 



If you’re interested in home health aide training, IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training in Springfield Gardens, NY, is the ideal resource. With a variety of training programs and certificate pathways for home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and EKG technicians, you’ll develop the skills needed to start a fulfilling career in health care through their course offerings. Call (718) 276-8100 to discuss their programs. 

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