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3 Signs It's Time for Window Replacement Services June 20, 2019

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3 Signs It's Time for Window Replacement Services, Kodiak Island, Alaska

When it comes to ranking various home improvement projects by importance, window replacements are rarely at the top of the list. After all, many homeowners want a larger kitchen or extra bathroom. However, despite the increased security and improved energy-efficiency they can provide, homeowners often overlook the benefits of new windows in favor of completing another project. There are some scenarios in which you shouldn’t postpone replacing them. 

Undeniable Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

1. Visible Damage

If the panes have any chips, cracks, or fractures or the frames are bowed, bent, or leaning, it’s time to upgrade them. Weakened windows can affect the structural integrity of a house because they have reduced load bearing capabilities. They also pose a few safety hazards. They could shatter at the slightest pressure, for example, and they make break-ins considerably easier for potential thieves. Once glass is compromised in any way, it cannot withstand even mild blows. In other words, it may be possible to break into your home with a single punch.  

2. Malfunctioning Elements 

window replacementAre the windows hard to open and close? Are some of them impossible to lock—or unlock? If your windows aren’t functioning as they should and they’re more than a few years old, upgrading them may be a sound investment. Although installing entirely new windows might cost more than simply repairing the old ones, doing so could end up paying for itself. If you install glass that’s more energy-efficient, for example, you can save a lot in utilities from month to month. And if you’re planning on selling the home within a few years, having updated windows will increase both the curb appeal and overall value. 

3. Indoor Noise Pollution 

Dogs barking, kids yelling, and lawnmowers whirring. You shouldn’t have to put up with these kinds of sounds when sitting at home. If your windows don’t keep noise pollution out, replacing the frames and panes will improve the situation. If your neighbors are especially loud, look for soundproof windows. These have thicker panes with more air space between them. Some options also come with laminated glass, which has a layer of plastic between the panes to reduce noise transmission further. 


For expert window replacement services in Kodiak, AK, contact Bernie Brothers. With more than three decades of experience, this general contractor serves residential and commercial clients throughout the area. To get in touch with a member of their team, call (907) 481-3900. Visit their website to learn more about their window replacement services. 

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