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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Laptop Audio July 2, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Laptop Audio , Staten Island, New York

You rely on your laptop for everything from work or school to entertainment and communications, and whether you’re listening to music while writing a report or watching a movie, you need your sound to work. If your laptop isn’t emitting sound, the good news is it is there is probably a simple fix. Here’s your step-by-step laptop repair guide for troubleshooting audio. 

Why Isn’t My Laptop’s Sound Working?

1. Check Your Volume 

It may seem obvious, but it is easy to accidentally mute your volume and not realize it. Click the speaker button in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar to check that the volume is unmuted and turned up. If you have external speakers plugged in, ensured they’re turned on and up as well. If, when you slide the volume up, you hear a “ding,” but the problem persists, check that the app you are using is not muted. 

2. Make Sure Speakers Are Enabled

laptoprepairMake sure your speakers are enabled by going into your settings tab or clicking Win+R simultaneously on your keyboard. If you use the keyboard option, type “control panel” or device management in the pop-up box and click OK. Under the sound panel, you’ll find the speakers setting. Make sure the speakers are enabled. If you’re using a different output device, such as a USB audio device or an external HDMI monitor that has no speakers, find the device you want to use under the Playback tab in the Sound/audio preferences menu. If you don’t see the device, click “Show disabled devices.” Select the output device and click “Set Default.” 

3. Sound Drivers

Faulty audio drivers are a likely culprit. Go to your Device Manager and click the Sound menu. Ensure there are no warnings (typically red or yellow exclamation points) for sound devices. These warnings may indicate a missing driver. You can find the type of drivers your device has under Device Manager and download these from the website. If you’re not comfortable updating the drivers on your own or this doesn’t solve the issue, take your device to a laptop repair professional. 


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