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How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Sewer Line & What You Can Do June 26, 2019

Saratoga, Wood
How Tree Roots Can Affect Your Sewer Line & What You Can Do, Saratoga, Wisconsin

As trees grow during the spring and summer, there may be disturbances going on beneath the soil. The root system seeks out sources of water, and your sewer line is, unfortunately, one of those sources. Without the right precautions, tree roots may break your sewer pipe or jam it, leading to backups and leaking sewage. Here’s how you can spot this problem and keep it from reoccurring with the help of a plumber.

What Are the Signs of Tree Interference?

The most apparent sign of an obstructed sewer line is a backed-up drain. Before you reach that stage, you may notice a sulfurous odor around your drains. Additionally, if patches of grass near your sewer line appear greener or the lawn is sunken, your sewer line may be leaking. The grass thrives on the extra nutrients, but the soil will start shifting, as it’s constantly exposed to water.

Why Do Inspections Matter?

plumberWithout an inspection from a plumber, it’s hard to know what’s going on or where the blockage is located. Many professionals now have drain snakes equipped with cameras to identify the source of the blockage. If the problem is relatively new, they may be able to use a snake head with blades to chop the root into pieces, so it washes down the drain. Otherwise, they may have to dig up sections of your yard to replace the damaged pipes.

How Can You Prevent Future Issues?

The best strategy to prevent issues is to follow a proactive plan to protect your sewer line. When you’re planting trees around your home, place them at least 20 feet from the pipes. Also, instead of waiting for a problem to develop, have a plumber inspect the line every other year. They can get to the root of the issue before it wrecks your sewer line.


For sewer line inspections, new septic systems, and other plumbing services in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, turn to Powell Plumbing & Pumps. For over 30 years, the plumbers have served Wood County residents with well services and new home plumbing. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website. You can also call (715) 325-2050 to request a quote on your project.

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