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Your Guide to Picture Windows August 19, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
Your Guide to Picture Windows, Spring Valley, New York

When looking to optimize and beautify your home, a useful but often overlooked feature is the picture window. While simple in form, these custom windows can have a powerful impact on your space. Here’s a guide on everything you should know about these types of windows. 

What Homeowners Should Know About Picture Windows

What Are They? 

A picture window is typically a large pane of glass encased in a simple frame. These custom windows have earned their name due to the impressive view they offer — without any mulling across the glass, you get a clear view of the outdoors. To achieve that state, picture windows are fixed in place and can’t be opened.

Where Are They Best Positioned in the House?

custom windowSince the main purpose of this custom window is to enhance a view, it’s better to have one that looks out at scenic hills than your neighbor's siding. Another key factor is thinking over which rooms people spend the most time in. Due to their size, picture windows allow a lot of light to filter in, making the rooms that house them especially pleasant and well-lit. For this reason, residents often place them in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. 

What Else Should You Consider When Installing Them?

Picture windows can look a bit simplistic on their own. Often, adding smaller casement windows on each side makes for a much more compelling presentation, creating visual interest and a nice set of three. And since picture windows don’t provide much ventilation, this approach lets the room get some much-needed air. Because it’s hard to clean picture windows, savvy residents tend to request that small awnings be built over them, helping the glass stay free of grime. 


If you think your home would benefit from a picture window, get in touch with a custom window specialist from Monsey Glass. Serving Rockland, Northern Bergen, Orange, and Westchester counties, as well as New York City, the local glass installation company has been providing gorgeous windows for over 50 years. Whether you want a picture window for your new house or are looking to implement one as a window replacement for your current pane, get a free estimate by calling (845) 352-2200. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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