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3 Ways You Can Use Topsoil June 18, 2019

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3 Ways You Can Use Topsoil, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Topsoil is a common material that landscapers use to hone their designs. It has a loose consistency and comes from the top 5 to 6 inches of the earth, making it the ideal option for lawns and flower beds at commercial office parks, hotels, and shopping malls. If you’re considering revamping your property, here are a few ways to incorporate this rich substance.

Uses for Topsoil

1. Construct Flower Beds

Thick grass and weeds can make it difficult to clear an area for flower beds or a garden. This is why many property managers and business owners choose to scrape off the top layer of dirt and sod and apply a generous amount of topsoil. The lack of residual roots prevents additional weeds from springing up and makes room for new plants to grow. Plus, the nutrients found in this new material will boost plant health and help the flowers thrive.

2. Restore the Lawntopsoil

Erosion is one of the main causes of lawn damage, washing away the soil and leaving roots with little protection. This process also tends to create low areas that accumulate water and flood out the grass. Adding a fresh layer of topsoil will boost the appearance of your property’s lawn. It will also provide enough cover to shade the roots from the scorching sun and prevent grass from drowning after every rainfall.

3. Improve Drainage

Areas of the property that don’t drain well will retain a swampy consistency, attracting mosquitoes and making it unpleasant for employees and customers to spend time outside your business. Incorporating topsoil into these areas will instantly improve their condition. The sandy texture helps to loosen the ground and allows the water to drain out instead of sitting in one place for days. Remove any plants you want to preserve before digging up the soil and replant them once the project is complete.


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