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How EXIT's Sponsorship Program Lets You Earn More Without Working More July 25, 2019

Wauwatosa, Milwaukee
How EXIT's Sponsorship Program Lets You Earn More Without Working More, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Most real estate agents earn money in just two ways: taking listings and making sales. While both methods can be lucrative when times are good, agents with skin in the game a decade ago witnessed firsthand just how quickly both streams of income can dry up. At EXIT Realty Upper Midwest, though, there’s a third stream, called sponsoring. By taking advantage of their system, you can increase your earning potential without increasing your workload. Here’s what all agents should know about this innovative system. 

How the Sponsorship Program Works

The music and insurance industries provide overwhelming financial opportunity using residual income. EXIT decided to devise a sponsorship program that allows their real estate agents to reap similar benefits. In this program, employees earn money whenever a salesperson they referred completes a transaction.

Each sale generates a bonus that equates to 10% of the gross commission. This bonus goes to the employee who sponsored the salesperson, and because it’s paid by EXIT’s head office, it does not come out of the earnings. Upon retiring, agents are still entitled to 7% of their recruits’ commissions. And if something should happen to them, their beneficiaries will continue receiving 5%. 

How EXIT Will Support You

real estate agentBecause the success of EXIT depends on the success of their agents, they provide many helpful resources. Upon joining their team, for example, you can count on receiving extensive sales training. You’ll gain access to impressive mentors who serve as leaders in the industry and know the business inside and out. Additionally, EXIT will help with marketing and brand recognition so you’re never short on clients. This may include newsletters, flyers, and free mobile business cards.

If you’re a working real estate agent—or you plan to be one soon—and you want to earn cash residuals in addition to your standard income, join the team at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest. From their offices in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and the Dakotas, they’ve distributed more than a quarter of a billion dollars to employees and their families under their residual sharing system. To learn what it’s like to work as a real estate agent on their team, visit their website or call (651) 505-3570.

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