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4 Common Car Clutch Problems July 5, 2019

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4 Common Car Clutch Problems, Newark, Ohio

For manual transmissions, the clutch is a crucial component for moving the vehicle. So when it runs into problems like sticking, slipping, or difficulty getting into gear, have an auto repair technician assess the problem right away; otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before the vehicle stalls. Below are some of the typical troubles that may be plaguing your clutch.

What Are the Usual Clutch Issues?

1. Leaking Slave or Master Cylinder

Clutches come in two varieties: hydraulic and cable operated. Most modern vehicle models use hydraulic systems wherein fluid in the slave and master cylinders build pressure to engage or disengage the clutch. When leaks in the cylinders and hydraulic lines happen, there won’t be enough pressure built up for operating the clutch, causing it to stick. Be sure to check for transmission fluid level, and once it falls below the minimum requirement, there might be a leak somewhere in the sealed system.

2. Worn Out Disc or Pressure Plate

Your clutch eventually wears out with frequent use, which is just a matter of when, especially with poor driving habits. The disc and pressure plate are two clutch components that receive the most strain. The pressure plate secures the clutch disc to the flywheel so the two can spin together in sync.

Bear in mind that the clutch disc only wears out when it spins at a different speed vis-à-vis the flywheel. A used up disc results in higher pedal release and, in some cases, difficulty in getting up to speed under load. On the other hand, a worn pressure plate causes ‘chattering’ or vibrations in the clutch.    

3. Warped Flywheel

auto repairAnother important clutch part, the flywheel is connected to the crankshaft, maintaining rotating mass for engine rotation and consistent delivery of torque. It also provides a friction surface for the disc, so when it gets overheated, the flywheel tends to warp or crack. An uneven surface results in strong vibrations when releasing the clutch and slipping when driving with a heavy load—both problems requiring auto repairs.

4. Bad Clutch Release Bearing

Also known as throw-out bearing, the clutch release is responsible for moderating the pressure plate. When the clutch is let out, it applies the force to the pressure plate. By absorbing the energy from release, this bearing reduces wear between the rotating clutch assembly and non-rotating parts, like the transmission. Over time, it wears out and loses lubrication, causing a squealing sound whenever the clutch pedal is depressed.  


At the first signs of trouble with your clutch, take your car for auto repairs at Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair. As the premier auto shop in Newark, OH, their team of skilled technicians has provided a range of services—from transmission service to tire alignment—throughout Licking County. Call (740) 522-4459 to book an auto repair appointment or inquire via their website.

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