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Why Asphalt Paving Is a Smart Business Investment June 19, 2019

Grand Rapids, Wood
Why Asphalt Paving Is a Smart Business Investment, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin

With all the concerns that come with managing your own business, a deteriorating parking lot may seem like a low priority. However, broken asphalt and potholes can drive away customers and even expose you to lawsuits that could put you out of business. Below are a few ways asphalt paving can promote your business, create a positive impression, and increase your profits in the long run.

4 Reasons to Update & Maintain Asphalt Paving

1. Create a Strong First Impression

From the moment customers pull into your parking lot, they immediately start forming an impression of your business. A smooth lot with new asphalt tells them you care about your business and the comfort of its customers, helping to establish a positive impression before they even walk through the door.

2. Make Parking Easierasphalt paving

Many customers will actively avoid a business if parking is frustrating or difficult, so having fresh lines and legible markings is essential. After repaving the parking lot, your contractor will repaint the surface, creating a stress-free experience for your customers.

3. Maximize the Space

The arrangement of parking spots is just as important as the size of the lot. Before repaving begins, the best contractors will inspect the site to maximize its capacity and make the flow of traffic as smooth as possible.

4. Reduce Liability Risk

If a customer trips on broken asphalt and falls in your parking lot, you could be held liable for their injuries. Similarly, you may also be responsible for pothole damage sustained by vehicles. In many cases, hiring an asphalt paving contractor is more cost-effective and less stressful than paying for a customer’s damages.


If your parking lot is deteriorating, turn to the asphalt paving professionals at A-1 Services Wisconsin Rapids. They’ve been serving businesses throughout the area for over 20 years, delivering beautiful results on a variety of difficult projects. Follow their Twitter for more tips and updates, and call (715) 423-6444 or visit them online to discuss your parking lot and request a free quote.

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