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FAQ About Transportation Services July 10, 2019

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FAQ About Transportation Services, Greensboro, North Carolina

Making travel plans for school trips, church groups, or other events often involves hiring transportation services to get everyone to your destination. These companies have fleets of different vehicles, and ensure people arrive safely and together. If you’ve never used this service before, you may wonder what to expect. To prepare you to book your trip, here are some common questions people have about charter buses. 

Common Questions About Transportation Services

Are they safe?

Yes. Most reputable transportation services only hire drivers who hold commercial licenses that allow them to operate shuttles or buses. Look for a company that employs drivers with clean driving records for maximum safety on the road. 

How far in advance should I book?

Tours often need to be booked over six months in advance. Several factors can impact availability, including time of year, location, and group size. Booking your trip as soon as you decide on it can ensure vehicles are available. 

Will they take me to the airport?

Yes. Most tour companies will offer shuttles to and from the airport. This is helpful when it comes to avoiding parking fees and getting to your destination hassle-free and on time.

Do they plan itineraries?   

transportation servicesSome transportation services do offer help with planning a trip. They are knowledgeable about your tour location as well as points of interest along the way. In addition, a company that values customer service may recommend side trips, restaurants, and other ways to make your trip more memorable and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Can I bring food on the bus?

Food is usually permitted on buses. You may need to keep them in sealed containers during the ride to prevent spills and accidents. Some companies may have stricter policies than others, so request information about their rules ahead of your trip.

What amenities are offered?

You can expect to travel in comfort on charter buses. Many vehicles come equipped with free Wi-Fi, multiple TVs, DVD players, reclining seats, luggage compartments, and onboard restrooms. 


Based in Greensboro, NC, and serving clients nationwide, Master Tours Inc has been offering quality transportation services and tours for over 20 years. Their company is known for “going the extra mile” for its customers. They serve senior groups, churches, schools, and parties of all sizes. Learn more about what they do on their website or call (336) 347-9931 to schedule a trip.

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