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3 Tips to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Rodents June 18, 2019

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3 Tips to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Rodents, Dothan, Alabama

Sharing a space with mice or rats can have serious health implications. The rodents carry bacteria in their waste that could make your family sick. As their teeth constantly grow, they chew on wires and other surfaces to file them down, causing major property destruction in the process. Investing in home upkeep, as outlined below, will make your property less attractive to rodents, preventing an infestation and the need for pest control treatments.

3 Strategies to Keep Mice & Rats at Bay

1. Keep Interiors Clean

Although rodents don’t have the best vision, they make up for it with a heightened sense of smell. The means they could detect the aroma of oily food residue and crumbs on counters, tables, and cooking appliances that you might not notice. So the creatures don’t break in and search for food inside your space, keep the kitchen and dining areas clean, and remember to regularly take out the trash.

2. Repair Cracks & Holes in the Property Facade

pest-control-treatmentsIn addition to finding food, rodents also enter homes for protection from hawks, owls, and other predators. Mice can fit through holes a little more than one-fourth of an inch, while rats can contort their bodies to wriggle through openings not much bigger than half an inch. So your home isn’t filled with entrances, invest in roof, window, door, and siding repairs to eliminate gaps, cracks, and additional access points.

3. Fix Plumbing Problems

Rats are excellent swimmers, which means they could enter your house through the plumbing system, emerging from toilets or shower and sink drains. To avoid the need for pest control treatment, fix any damage to sewer pipes caused by invasive tree roots, corrosion, or regular wear. You can also have rodent guards placed on pipe openings to block access.


Although the above steps are designed to prevent rodent problems, the team at Pest-Ex in Dothan, AL, will help if the critters do take up residence inside your home. From its humble beginnings serving local clients, the company has expanded over the past 60-plus years to now provide residents throughout eastern Alabama and western Georgia with reliable, affordable, effective rat control services and additional pest control treatments, restoring the safety and comfort of their homes. To arrange for pest control treatment, call (334) 794-5903. You can also connect with the company online for a commercial or residential pest control quote. Become a Twitter follower for updates.

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