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3 Ways Humidifiers Help Treat Your Cold June 18, 2019

Rovenna Park, Anchorage
3 Ways Humidifiers Help Treat Your Cold, Anchorage, Alaska

Humidifiers are invaluable to homeowners who want to improve their indoor air quality. The device is designed to introduce moisture to the environment, often to reduce physical symptoms that can afflict people when the air dries out as the heating system runs. It’s not unusual for many of those symptoms to mimic those of the common cold. If you’re dealing with headaches, throat irritation, congestion, and general discomfort, here are three ways humidifier installation may help you feel better.

How Does a Humidifier Help Relieve Cold Symptoms?

1. Improve Breathing

humidifier installationOne of the most common issues cold sufferers face is difficulty breathing. The combination of sinus congestion, heating throughout the house, and a runny nose can make it difficult to inhale fully and comfortably. Investing in humidifier installation may help, as the moisture in the air hydrates your nasal passages and lungs. This not only makes it easier to breathe but can also help you more comfortably blow out some of the contaminants clogging your airways.

2. Prevent Germs

With the increase in germs during cold and flu season, it’s important to take every precaution to prevent them from spreading. In addition to washing hands frequently and wiping down surfaces, turning on the humidifier may prevent those germs from spreading throughout the house. If someone else is sick, their germs will simply mingle with the moisture in the air and fall to the surface instead of continuing their airborne journey. Moisture adds weight to these harmful particles, so they’re not strong enough to infect others.

3. Reduce Allergens

Dealing with an aggravating cold is bad enough without worrying about exposure to allergens. Humidifier installation is a smart choice if you experience indoor allergies because they’ll reduce your exposure to typical pollutants like dust mites and mold spores. Your nasal and throat passages won’t be nearly as irritated, and your classic cold symptoms, such as a cough and mucus buildup, may be less severe.


If you’re concerned that your home’s moisture levels are imbalanced, turn to the HVAC professionals at Always On Call Mountain Mechanical in Anchorage, AK. Providing everything from humidifier installation to heating repairs, they prioritize your comfort so that you can stay healthy year-round. They’re also proud to offer 24-hour plumbing services in the event of an emergency. Visit them online to find out more, or give them a call at (907) 344-0700 for a free estimate.

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