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3 Helpful Tips for Reading to Your Child June 18, 2019

St. Charles, St. Charles
3 Helpful Tips for Reading to Your Child, St. Charles, Missouri

Learning how to read is a crucial milestone in child development because it expands their imagination and teaches them how to understand the world. Helping your young child navigate through their literacy journey is necessary for their success, but some parents don’t know how or where to begin. Here are several ways you can start reading to your preschool-aged children.

Pointers for Reading With Your Preschooler

1. Start Slow

Jumping directly into a book might seem straightforward to you as an adult, but to a child, it could be an unfamiliar experience. Instead, take it one step at a time. Help your child become acclimated to the simple motor skills involved in reading, such as holding a book and turning its pages. Teach them which direction the story flows — from left to right. These actions will help your little one get used to the reading process and empower them to participate in story time.

2. Use Pictures

Part of early child development is teaching kids how to recognize words, expanding their vocabulary and comprehension. In addition to learning the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes, your child will also learn how to identify words by looking at picture books. This is because the text is associated with an image, helping them understand the context. Plus, this style of book is popular because the pictures are engaging and colorful. While you and your child are looking through the pages, point out different pictures and ask them what they think is happening in the story.

3. Let Them Choosechild development

One of the best ways to engage your preschooler in reading is to let them pick stories that interest them. Even at such a young age, making decisions keeps them involved. Add to their excitement by offering a selection of age-appropriate books centered around their interests. For instance, if your child enjoys playing with trucks, collect stories about different vehicles.


If you’re a parent in St. Charles or Cottleville, MO, and require quality care that specializes in child development, reach out to Great Beginnings. This licensed child care center focuses on creating a safe, comfortable environment where children can learn and grow. Their highly trained instructors work closely with parents to give children a strong educational foundation. Call (636) 724-5048 to speak with someone at their St. Charles office or (636) 447-4212 to reach their Cottleville location. Learn more about child development and their facilities online today.

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