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3 Reasons Graphic Designers Should Choose a Mac® Over a PC July 20, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Reasons Graphic Designers Should Choose a Mac® Over a PC, St. Petersburg, Florida

Between all of the computers available, finding the right device for graphic designers can be daunting. While PCs have been making a push for designers with more intuitive software, Mac® computers have traditionally been the go-to option for professional designers. While they are typically the more expensive option, Mac computers and MacBook® laptops continue to hold the belt due to the many advantages they offer over the competition.

Why Should Graphic Designers Use Apple® Products

1. Ease of Use

What made Mac computers so popular early on was how intuitively easy they were to operate. Their operating system is designed to integrate different applications to create a workflow that functions naturally. This remains true to this day, with the operating system becoming more refined with every update. They are also becoming increasingly more accessible with third-party products to make them even more superior to PCs.

2. Longer Life Span

MacBookBecause Apple devices are designed with a more secure operating system, they are less likely than PCs to experience debilitating viruses, thus prolonging their life span. Not only does this help justify the higher price tag, but it also means graphic designers can purchase a refurbished iMac® or MacBook for less money and still have the confidence it will run great.

3. Font Rendering

An important aspect of graphic design is finding and using the perfect font to convey a particular message. PCs render their fonts for readability, which gives them an advantage to someone looking for a sharper typestyle. However, the Mac focuses on visual appearance and offers more fonts that are aesthetically pleasing.


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