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What Are the OSHA Requirements for Bathrooms on Job Sites? July 12, 2019

Ironton, Lawrence
What Are the OSHA Requirements for Bathrooms on Job Sites?, Ironton, Ohio

If you are in charge of a construction site, it’s important to provide your employees with easily accessible and sanitary portable bathrooms. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates the conditions of workers’ restroom facilities to ensure employees stay safe and healthy. Here’s an overview of OSHA’s requirements for bathrooms at construction sites.


The number of portable bathrooms you need will depend on the number of employees working at the construction site. If you have 15 or fewer employees, you must provide at least one toilet. A site needs at least 6 toilets when there are between 111 and 150 employees of each gender. From there, you should add a toilet for every 40 employees. For instance, if you have 400 employees, you will need to have 13 toilets.


portable bathroomsPer OSHA standards, workers must have access to portable bathrooms in a timely manner. How quickly and how often workers use the bathroom will vary; however, employers must take certain medical conditions into consideration when dealing with bathroom breaks, such as pregnancy and bladder control issues.


OSHA also requires employers to provide running water, soap, and paper towel or hand dryers in their portable bathrooms to keep them in sanitary condition. Employees also aren’t permitted to eat or drink while using the bathroom.


To ensure workers can do their business comfortably, all toilets must come with their own door and lock and be separated by gender. In addition, the walls around the toilet must be high enough to provide seclusion.


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