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5 Steps for Shooting a Bow & Arrow July 5, 2019

Independence, Kenton
5 Steps for Shooting a Bow & Arrow, Independence, Kentucky

If you're interested in learning to shoot a bow and arrow, your local archery range may offer lessons to help you get started. However, you can begin working on the basics even without any help. Shooting a bow takes just a few simple steps, and once you've learned them, the rest is just refining your technique and your aim.

Archery in Five Steps

1. Take Your Stance

Stand facing at a right angle to your target, with your bow arm in the direction you want to shoot. Place your feet shoulder width apart, with the back foot slightly forward. Bend your knees slightly to help you stay balanced.

2. Nock an Arrow

Your bowstring has a marked area or a ring near its center; this is where you should nock your arrow. Look at it to find the index feather or index vane--this is the section of the fletching which is a different color. With the index feather or vane pointing away from the bow, nock the arrow.

3. Draw

Bow And ArrowPlace three fingers on the bowstring, with your index finger above the arrow and the other two below it. The string should rest at the first joint of your fingers, or a little closer to your fingertips. Draw the string back until your hand comes to rest near your face. If possible, you should draw it back to this same anchor point every time.

4. Aim

Sights are available for a bow and arrow to help you aim, with a range of different designs. However, you can shoot without them; many archers choose to shoot instinctively, simply looking where they want their shot to go.

5. Release

When you're ready, relax your fingers smoothly and quickly to release the bowstring. This will cause your hand to pull back a little; it’s a motion you may be able to feel in your chest and back as your chest opens up slightly and your back muscles contract.


If you need help learning to use your bow and arrow, visit M & M Archery Range and Pro Shop in Florence, KY. Serving Boone County for 20 years, they offer archery lessons and a family-friendly environment in which to practice and learn. They also provide bow rentals if needed. For questions, call them at (859)-282-6333 or send a message online.