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3 Tips for Successfully Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials June 17, 2019

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3 Tips for Successfully Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials, Anchorage, Alaska

Mixing and matching different materials for your kitchen countertop can give your renovation an understated, sophisticated look and open up new possibilities for your room. However, selecting the materials can be overwhelming, especially when you’re presented with hundreds of possibilities. Here are a few tips for mixing and matching countertop materials to achieve the effect you’re going for.

How to Mix Countertop Materials

1. Go for Opposite Patterns

Pairing marble with granite or another stone with a strong pattern can make your kitchen seem overly busy, so pay close attention to the colors and grains. Generally, it’s best to match patterned stone with quartz or composite countertops, which have a nice luster but won’t compete visually with the other material. This also gives the granite or marble space to shine—without completely overpowering the kitchen.

2. Balance Light & Dark Materials

kitchen countertopKitchen materials that are too similar will likely clash, so it’s best to go for contrasting stones instead. If you’re considering light marble for a kitchen island, for example, the other countertops should be a dark granite or quartz. Hitting the right balance between light and dark will pull the entire kitchen design together.

3. Color Coordinate the Other Elements

While choosing the right kitchen countertops is important, don’t forget about the cabinetry, hardware, and decorating accents. Matching those choices with the countertop materials you choose will make the entire design more cohesive and harmonious, even though you’re working with a variety of materials.


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