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4 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island June 24, 2019

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4 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island, Anchorage, Alaska

The kitchen is typically one of the main gathering spaces of the house. The installation of a kitchen island optimizes the usability of the popular space, and a custom countertop installation can be designed with your unique wants and needs in mind. There are many design options for kitchen islands that best fit your space. 

Why Should You Install a Kitchen Island?

1. Creates More Counter Space

Installing a kitchen island creates more options for counter space. Use the counter as an additional place to gather or eat by putting chairs or stools around it or a station for preparing a meal. Integrate your style through the material that is used for the custom countertops, such as granite, ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, or slate.

2. Optimizes Storage Options

custom countertopAny way to incorporate additional storage in the kitchen helps tremendously in increasing the value of the space. Add extra storage through cabinetry and open shelving underneath or by installing hanging pot holders. 

3. Increases Space for Appliances & Amenities

The extra space provides options for more electrical outlets to improve the functionality of the kitchen. Use the new island to plug in appliances that are not used daily, such as a mixer or slow cooker. Additionally, a small sink or stove could be installed to improve the ease of meal preparation.

4. Becomes the Focal Point of the Kitchen

An installed island adds a break between the living area and kitchen of an open concept house. There are options to design an island that architecturally stands out, such as mixing a marble custom countertop with metal shelving or creating an elegant, shiny look with black granite counters.


If you have considered installing an island to your kitchen to optimize the space, contact Rino’s Tile & Stone in Anchorage, AK. The locally owned business provides the best and most affordable custom countertop designs. They’ll direct you to the best materials to use on your countertops to ensure your kitchen stands out from the rest. Call (907) 743-1075 today to learn more about their services, and visit their website to see a gallery of their work.
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