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How to Help a Loved One Adjust to a Senior Living Facility June 26, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How to Help a Loved One Adjust to a Senior Living Facility, Cincinnati, Ohio

Moving an aging loved one into a senior living facility is a major transition for the whole family. As long as you’ve done thorough research, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your relative will be taken care of at a carefully selected facility. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an adjustment period — especially for the individual making the move. Here are just a few ways to help ease the transition for them from day one. 

3 Tips for Helping a Loved One Get Used to Senior Living

1. Make It Feel Like Home

Chances are your relative will have to downsize at least a little before moving into the senior living facility. You can still make the new accommodations feel like home, though. Before packing everything up, measure the living space. This way, you'll know exactly which treasures can accompany your loved one. 

2. Find a Balance With Visiting

senior livingWhile visiting frequently will help keep loneliness at bay, stopping by too often could prevent your relative from interacting with the rest of the community. Try to plan your visits strategically, so your loved one can still take advantage of all the facility has to offer. For example, avoid stopping by when social events are going on, so they are prompted to attend. 

3. Go on Outings Outside the Facility 

Even facilities with all kinds of luxurious amenities can feel confining over time. Take your relative on excursions as often as possible. Engaging with the rest of the world will prevent them from feeling lonely or isolated. 


If your family needs a senior living facility in Cincinnati, OH, look no further than Mount Washington Care Center. For 40 years, this family-owned and -operated facility has provided unparalleled nursing care for senior citizens. Their services include physical therapy and rehabilitation, dietary monitoring, and around-the-clock care for those who need it. To read testimonials from their beloved clients, visit their website. To discuss your family’s senior living needs with a compassionate member of their team, call (513) 231-4561.

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