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5 Tips to Prepare a Classic Car for a Storage Unit July 26, 2019

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5 Tips to Prepare a Classic Car for a Storage Unit, Anchorage, Alaska

If you own a classic car, you know how important it is to take special care of your valuable investment. One of the best steps you can take to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and protect its vital parts is to put it into a long-term car storage facility. While this is a smart move, it’s important to take some precautionary measures beforehand. Here are four essential steps for caring for your vehicle before putting it into a storage unit.

How to Prepare Your Car for a Storage Unit

1. Top Off the Liquids

It’s best not to leave your classic vehicle dry before it goes into the storage unit. Fill up the gas tank to avoid internal moisture problems that might lead to corrosion when the car is not in use. Be sure to add some fuel stabilizer and to drive the car a bit after doing so; this will ensure the gas remains fresh while the vehicle is in not in use. Complete this step by changing the oil.

2. Refresh the Entire Car

storage-unitYou don’t want to return to a car that’s dirty or pungent. Before it goes into a storage facility, take the time to clean your car fully. Vacuum the floors and trunk, wipe down surfaces thoroughly, and wax the exterior. You can also place packages of baking soda in the front, back, and trunk to help it stay fresh in the off-season. This is also a good time to cover exposed areas, like the exhaust pipes and air inlets, with plastic wrap to prevent dust or insect issues.

3. Fill Up the Tires

The last thing you want is to discover your vehicle’s tires are flat when you retrieve it from the storage unit. Paying close attention to the recommended fill level, add air to the tires. When you store the car, hoist it up on jack stands to prevent the tires from flattening out when the car isn’t in use. It will also spare the suspension from constantly supporting the car’s weight.

4. Check the Battery Carefully

If you plan to leave your car in storage for quite a while, it’s important not to leave the battery connected. Doing so could shorten its lifespan considerably. If you choose to disconnect it completely, detach the negative cable and store it in a separate area where it isn’t exposed to cold temperatures. If not, you can leave the battery as it is and attach a battery tender to it.

5. Opt for Smart Storage

Be discerning about the type of storage unit you choose for your classic vehicle. It’s a precious, irreplaceable commodity, and the facility you select should take great pains to protect your property. If possible, opt for a climate-controlled, highly secure facility where your car will be in the safest possible hands.



Is it time to put your classic vehicle away for a few months? No matter how long you need to store your vehicle, you can trust that it’ll be safe and sound at International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK. They offer clean, secure storage units that are both heated and unheated to meet your needs. Visit them online to find out more about their auto storage options, or call them at (907) 563-3287.

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