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A Brief Guide to Low-Flow Toilets June 26, 2019

A Brief Guide to Low-Flow Toilets, Hooven, Ohio

While the toilet is a widely used fixture, its water usage goes largely unnoticed. It’s not that people don’t realize water flushes down the drain — it’s that the device consumes about 30% of the home’s supply. In 1992, a mandate passed ordering all new toilets to be low-flow or low-flush models. If your toilet is older than this, you might deal with frequent calls to the plumber for repairs. Here’s what you need to know about installing a modern toilet.

Advantages of Low-Flow Toilets

Before 1992, the average toilet used up to 7 gallons of water each time it flushed. Low-flow models, by contrast, use approximately 1.6 gallons with each flush. The dramatic reduction in water consumption can lower your utility bills, and rebates may be available based on the plumber who installs your product. Homes with older systems will also notice a difference in the frequency of toilet repairs.

plumberHow They Work

In their earliest days, low-flow models concerned homeowners because of the smaller size of the water tank. Less water per flush meant that people were often flushing twice to make sure that the toilet was clean. New models, however, depend on one of two different methods to remove waste. Gravity-based toilets remove waste when the flapper inside the toilet tank shifts to release water. Water passes through the tank into the bowl, where the waste is flushed. A pressure-assisted toilet, meanwhile, features a pressure tank that resembles a water balloon. Water in the toilet tank remains under pressure until the flush valve opens, which releases the water and flushes the contents from the toilet.

Points to Remember

The first step is to have a plumber inspect your existing setup. Old homes may not be equipped with the appropriate pipes to support a modern, low-flow toilet. In that case, your plumbing company may need to replace the pipes before you can install one. Most homeowners, however, can save hundreds of dollars a year if they make the switch.


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