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4 Parking Lot Tips to Prevent Dents & Scratches June 24, 2019

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4 Parking Lot Tips to Prevent Dents & Scratches, High Point, North Carolina

Parking can be tricky in crowded lots. Your fears may be greater if you have a new vehicle or if you’ve experienced dents in the past and don’t want to deal with more auto body repairs. There are steps that all drivers can take to prevent those pesky dents and scratches that are likely to occur in parking lots, however. Here are four suggestions that will lessen your chances.

How to Avoid Dents & Scratches in Parking Lots

1. Park at a Distance

While it’s not always ideal, parking your car at a distance can be an effective tactic if you’re trying to avoid parking next to others. There’s no guarantee that someone else won’t park next to you, but the odds are slim if the lot is fairly large and there are a lot of empty spaces closer to the front of the building. This can give you some peace of mind, especially with a newer car that isn’t ready for auto body repairs.

2. Opt for Parking Garages

auto body repairsIf you’re concerned about inclement weather causing damage to your car, park in the nearest garage. Hail damage isn’t uncommon; the substance can be heavy and forceful enough to cause dents that require auto body repairs. And although snow and ice are relative rarities in North Carolina, it’s still worth parking indoors if temperatures dip below freezing and you want to avoid any damage to your vehicle.

3. Open the Door Slowly

All it takes is one strike to damage your car door. Open it slowly to avoid hitting the neighboring car, a wall in a garage, or a pole in the parking lot. The more cautious you are when moving in a parking lot, the less likely you are to require dent removal.

4. Check the Neighboring Car

If you’re uncertain about parking next to a certain car, take a moment to inspect it before you pull into the space. Tall, imposing SUVs and trucks can cause more significant damage because their doors are likely to strike a higher point on your vehicle. Furthermore, cars that feature child seats may also be intrusive because parents typically need to open the door fully to help their little one back into the seat.


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