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4 Items to Never Flush Down Your Toilet July 3, 2019

4 Items to Never Flush Down Your Toilet, Hooven, Ohio

Toilets are only meant to handle human waste and toilet paper. However, that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like trash cans and disposing of other objects. To keep your plumbing system in good shape and avoid unnecessary calls to a plumber, avoid flushing the following items down your toilet.

What Should You Never Flush Down the Toilet?

1. Grease

Because grease is a liquid, many people think it’s OK to flush it down the toilet. However, grease solidifies in your pipes and can cause a major clog in your toilet. By always throwing leftover grease away in the trash can, you can avoid needing to call a plumber for repairs.

2. Paper Towels

plumberPaper towels look similar to toilet paper, so it might not seem like a big deal to flush them down the toilet. However, paper towels don’t dissolve as easily as toilet paper and result in clogged sewer pipes. 

3. Dental Floss

Floss might be small, but it’s not made to be flushed down the toilet. It can tangle up and attach to items that pass through your sewage system, resulting in major clogs and a call to the plumber.

4. Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts don’t decompose easily, and the chemicals in them can kill the bacteria inside your septic tank and contaminate the water supply. If your septic tank doesn’t have any bacteria to break down the solid waste, the slush in your tank could flood your drain field.


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