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A Guide to Edison Bulbs June 17, 2019

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
A Guide to Edison Bulbs, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Edison lightbulbs offer a vintage feel based on the original designs and time period of Thomas Edison. They offer the same color and bulb shape, but they are much more energy efficient for contemporary electrical needs. Before you call your electrician about installing Edison bulbs, read more here.

The Basics of Edison Lightbulbs

The Pros & Cons

Edison or vintage light bulbs are based on carbon or early tungsten-filament lamps that were popular near the beginning of the 20th century. Modern versions may still include tungsten coils, but they are more efficient and updated to suit modern-day electrical needs. The look displays an exposed aesthetic where long, wound filaments are easily seen. The glow is a warmer yellow, and they can be pear, round, or oblong in shape.

Some of the benefits of these bulbs include a stylish, vintage look that works well with Victorian and other early 20th century decor. They look best when the bulbs are exposed in the fixture since they have their own, old fashioned aesthetic. Their warmer color also creates a cozy ambiance that is perfect for accent lights in your interior design.

electricianThese affordable lightbulbs are also dimmable and usually compatible with a variety of fixtures. Because of the absence of blue light in modern bulbs, LED lights, and screens, Edison bulbs do not usually have the same effect on people, which may lead to better sleep.

Electricians warn that these bulbs do have a few drawbacks. The first issue is they are more fragile than other choices. Both the filaments and the glass are more easily damaged, especially if rattled or dropped. For areas where children and pets frequent, they are not a top choice. They also produce less light and, unless you purchase LED versions, their efficiency isn’t as good as modern bulbs.

Other Considerations

When deciding on Edison bulbs, it is best to look at the lumens instead of wattage so you have a better idea of how much light is produced compared to other conventional bulbs. In addition, if you are looking for a different color range or a brighter option but with that vintage look, explore LED varieties. These have more choices in color temperature than traditional Edison bulbs.


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