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How to Get Ready for a Summer RV Adventure June 17, 2019

Woods Park, Lincoln
How to Get Ready for a Summer RV Adventure, Lincoln, Nebraska

A long RV trip with the family is a great way to spend the summer, giving you the chance to explore out-of-the-way places on your own schedule. As exciting and liberating as these trips can be, the road is still an unpredictable place, so it’s best to be prepared before setting out on the journey. Having a quality RV insurance policy, a sound plan, and adequate supplies will help guarantee a safe, relaxing trip.

4 Steps for Preparing for an RV Trip

1. Make a Plan

While an RV offers its passengers freedom, you should still have a rough timeline of where you want to go and how long it should take to get there. Research routes well in advance of the journey, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the various stops, and leave room in the itinerary for unexpected delays and spontaneous side trips.

2. Look for Places to Stay

rv insuranceAlmost every region is dotted with motor lodges, campgrounds, and RV parks, but you don’t want to be stuck looking for a place to park late at night. Once you have the itinerary set, decide where you’ll stay each night, and call ahead for reservations if possible.

3. Check the RV Insurance

RVs are much larger and heavier than other vehicles, so the damages from an accident may quickly exceed the limits of your liability coverage. Along with extending the liability limits, you might also want to check your collision and comprehensive coverage to maximize protection from any road hazards.

4. Gather Supplies

If the RV doesn’t have a stove, you’ll need to bring along a way to start a fire, like matches or a lighter, and other camping supplies, as well as enough clothing to handle all types of weather. You should also stock up on food, check the first aid kit, and bring diversions to help your passengers kill time on the road.


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