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3 Types of Grass Suited to Nebraska Lawns June 17, 2019

Antelope Park, Lincoln
3 Types of Grass Suited to Nebraska Lawns, Lincoln, Nebraska

A beautiful, lush lawn begins with choosing a grass adapted to thrive in your soil conditions and climate. With its extremely cold winters and long, dry summers, Nebraska presents some challenges to many types of grass, but there are several varieties that grow beautifully with the right fertilizer and irrigation system. Below are a few types of grass that typically do well in this area.

What Types of Grass Should You Incorporate in Your Lawn?

1. Fine Fescues

With high shade tolerance and a rich dark green color, fine fescues are well adapted to survive in cool, humid climates and high elevations. Of all the grass varieties adapted for cooler weather, fine fescues have the lowest fertilizer and moisture requirements and are generally very low-maintenance. However, because of their fine leaves, this species isn’t very resistant to wear.

2. Tall Fescue

irrigation systemMore heat-tolerant than the fine fescue varieties, tall fescue does well in the harsh Nebraska summers as long as you have a quality irrigation system. Thanks to its tall leaves and coarse texture, tall fescue is highly resilient, making it a popular choice for athletic fields and other areas that get a lot of foot traffic.

3. Bermudagrass

New species of bermudagrass are denser and finer than traditional varieties, making them an attractive choice for lawns throughout southern Nebraska. While this variety tolerates warm weather well, it does require consistent moisture, so you’ll need a well-designed irrigation system if you don’t get reliable rain.

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