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Why You Should Upgrade to a Ductless Split System This Summer July 12, 2019

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Why You Should Upgrade to a Ductless Split System This Summer, Barberton, Ohio

With summer right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about your family’s cooling needs. Unless you were 100% satisfied with your HVAC system’s performance last year, now may also be the perfect time to upgrade to a ductless split system. Here are some of the biggest reasons to install these innovative units in your home before summer strikes.

Total Control Over a Zoned System

A traditional HVAC system typically has one unit that supplies air to the entire house via ductwork. In a ductless split system, however, each room can have its own unit — no ducts required. It allows you to control and customize the climate in each space. For example, set the temperature lower in the sunroom and higher in the furnished basement without freezing the rest of the house.

More Savings & Lower Utility Costsductless split system

Ductless split systems are incredibly affordable to operate. Standard HVAC units use a considerable amount of energy to maintain multiple floors at a constant temperature. Even then, warm spots and cool spots are likely. With a ductless system, though, individualized settings mean the unit expends less energy to keep it comfortable in rooms you use the most. This translates into savings on monthly utility bills.

Less Energy Usage

Using a ductless split system to heat and cool the entire house will reduce your family’s carbon footprint immensely. Energy Star® certified units use 60% less energy than traditional HVAC systems. And, if you also upgrade the other appliances in your home to certified, energy-efficient models, you’ll save even more.


If you want to upgrade to a ductless split system this summer, turn to Blind & Sons, Inc. Located in Barberton, they’re proud to serve homeowners throughout Northeast Ohio. Since 1937, this HVAC contractor has been helping families enjoy total comfort in their homes. Their knowledgeable technicians also make plumbing and electrical repairs. To talk to a member of their team about replacing the AC units in your home, call (330) 753-7711 or schedule service online.

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