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3 Reasons Hosting a Paint Party Benefits Seniors June 20, 2019

3 Reasons Hosting a Paint Party Benefits Seniors, ,

Engaging in social activities of all kinds is a perfect way for people who live in apartments to feel involved and stay busy. However, there are especially significant benefits that hosting a paint party can provide the elderly. Art alone is a therapeutic hobby, and when enjoyed in a setting that doubles as a social event, it can be even more effective. Here are a few ways it can help seniors.

How Can a Paint Party Benefit Seniors?

1. Improve Memory

Art challenges the mind to think outside of the box. The brain is put to hard work during a paint party, even though it’s a fun event where people are free to relax and mingle. Wielding a brush and putting imaginative thoughts to paper is a chance to express creativity and bring certain visions to life. It may channel moments from the past, clear up confusion about specific memories, and even help people feel sharper and more in touch with their surroundings.

2. Boost Socialization

paint partyThere’s no better way to boost social skills than to spend quality time with others. At a paint party, seniors can share these special moments with like-minded individuals who enjoy similar pursuits. It can be a bonding experience for those who spend more time alone, and it is a chance for already social seniors to meet new people and broaden their horizons. It’s never too late to learn and make new friends, and social events such as these provide a wonderful opportunity to bond.

3. Relieve Stress

Being outside of the confines of a familiar environment and learning something new is a welcome respite for seniors who may be bored at home during the day. Spending time with new friends at a paint party is a fun way to set aside those feelings, channel energy into something different, and stimulate parts of the brain that might otherwise not be as engaged during the day.


Are you ready to delve into something new and different? Join a paint party with Artherapy Studios in St. Louis, MO. The family-owned business takes pride in providing safe, enjoyable, and memorable team-building events, date nights, crafting classes, and happy hours for students of all ages—all of which are mobile for your convenience. This is a wonderful way for seniors to experience the wonders of art in the comfort of their own apartment building. Visit them online or call (314) 249-2800 to learn more about hosting a paint party.