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How Much Should You Tip Pizza Delivery Drivers? July 18, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
How Much Should You Tip Pizza Delivery Drivers?, Bronx, New York

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how much of a tip to leave the driver after ordering a pizza, you aren’t alone. Some people see tipping as a mathematical process of percentages, while others use a set figure. If determining how much to tip has you stumped, or you’re just curious as to what’s considered normal, here are some of the tipping basics to help you out next time your pizza arrives at the door.

Why Tipping Is Important

Many people assume that paying the delivery fee is the same as tipping the driver. However, this isn’t true. The delivery fee is part of the driver’s wage. So where does the tip come in? Unlike many other members of the service industry, delivery drivers have to put part of their paycheck back into their job. They have to cover gas, insurance, and upkeep on their vehicle, which they use to deliver each order. Tipping helps to even things up so they have a little more money to take home with each paycheck.

How Much Is an Acceptable Tip? 

PizzaThe tip is proportionate into the price of the order, meaning you shouldn’t tip the same amount for thirty pizzas as you would for two. Though there are many schools of thought regarding how to calculate a tip accurately, many agree that you should pay at least $3 for an order of $20 or less, and between 10% and 15% for orders over $20. 


Sometimes pizza delivery drivers far surpass your expectations. Maybe they drove through rough weather, or maybe they were surprisingly fast and brought extra parmesan and pepper flakes. If your driver impressed you, don’t hesitate to show it. It’s always fine to tip more. In doing so, you show how much you appreciate your driver’s efforts. 



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