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3 Benefits of Changing Home Locks June 25, 2019

Poplar Tent, Cabarrus
3 Benefits of Changing Home Locks, Poplar Tent, North Carolina

Your doors act as a protective barrier between you and the outside world. To protect yourself from a potential break-in, it’s crucial to be able to trust in the security of your locks. Whether you lost your keys or just moved into a new home, understanding when you should hire a locksmith can help you keep your household safe.

3 Reasons to Change Your Home Locks

1. New Home

locksmithEven if you have a good rapport with the previous homeowner, it’s still crucial to change the locks to your new home. You can’t be certain who was given a key, which is a risk to your household’s security. Before moving in, hire a locksmith to change all the entry locks around the property, including the gate.

2. Faulty Locks

If you’re having trouble turning your key in the lock, don’t wait to have them changed. Aside from the inconvenience of constantly jiggling the keys, this also means that the lock security has been jeopardized. Replacing the locks will prevent you from getting locked out and provide you with peace of mind.

3. Recent Burglary

Burglaries are a frightening experience. While there’s a lot to deal with in the aftermath, such as calling the police and informing your insurance company, you shouldn’t waste any time having your locks replaced. While rare, a burglar can always strike again if they’ve gained access to your home.


If you’re looking to replace your locks and need a locksmith in the Charlotte or Concord, NC, area, turn to the team at AAL Lock & Key. Serving all of Cabarrus County, this premier locksmith offers high-quality residential and commercial services, everything from key replacement and re-keying to door lock repair and key copying. For over 20 years, they’ve been known for their dedicated customer service and reliable results. Call (704) 795-2162 to request assistance from a locksmith, or visit them online to request a quote.

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