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A Guide to Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers June 21, 2019

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A Guide to Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you live on a big lot of land or own a business with a large landscape, keeping your grass short isn’t easy when you have to rely on a standard push mower. And while basic rider models can make the experience more comfortable, they may not deliver the precision cut you want. That’s why those with expansive properties often prefer zero-turn lawn mowers. If you’re new to this innovative landscaping tool, here’s what you should know about zero-turn mowers and the benefits they offer.

How Do Zero-Turn Mowers Work?

lawn mowerAs the name implies, these riding lawn mowers are designed to cut grass with no turning radius. This precise maneuvering is typically achieved, as with Husqvarna® models, by using a hydraulic wheel-drive.

Instead of using a steering wheel, the driver operates the mower by using a series of two levers that each controls its own separate motor. Pushing forward on both will move the lawn mower straight ahead while pulling back will put the vehicle in reverse. Operating one lever will curve the mower to the opposite side. Fully engaging a single lever will allow the equipment to pivot on the stationary wheel in the corresponding direction.

What Are the Benefits of Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers?

Complete Coverage

One of the top advantages of zero-turn lawn mowers is that they make it easy to cut expansive areas of grass without leaving some spots untouched. While having no turning radius plays a big role in this benefit, many models offer additional features to ensure even greater precision. For example, many Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are equipped with a ClearCut® deck that automatically adjusts to evenly cut uneven terrain.

Saves Time

Operating much faster than traditional mowers, zero-turn models can save a great deal of time so that you can focus on other landscaping tasks. They also require less maintenance, allowing you to spend less time on upkeep.

Fuel Efficiency

When you spend hours cutting grass, you can expect to burn through fuel fairly fast. But since zero-turn mowers can complete big jobs in short periods of time, you won’t go through as much gas as you might expect.


If you’re ready to upgrade to a zero-turn lawn mower, turn to Anchorage Suzuki/Arctic Cat. In addition to specializing in ATVs and recreational vehicles, this dealer is stocked with a wide selection of Husqvarna mowers—including zero-turn models. Always putting customer service first, this team will take time to help you find landscaping equipment that fits your specific needs and budget. They also offer comprehensive repairs to ensure your gear stays strong and efficient. To learn more about their products, visit this retailer online or call the Anchorage, AK location at (907) 272-2412.

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