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4 Advantages of a Metal Garage June 13, 2019

Dothan, Houston
4 Advantages of a Metal Garage, Dothan, Alabama

If you need a new garage or are looking for more storage, adding a metal garage is a beneficial option. The material provides various advantages and can help organize your property while creating an attractive look. Here are four considerations to help you decide if it suits your needs.

Why Choose a Metal Garage?

1. Solid Construction

Metal is strong material, especially when you choose steel. Steel metal garages are resistant to rotting and cracking and can even stave off pests and mold. Metal is also fire-resistant and durable against anything Mother Nature has to offer; this is ideal if you live in an area prone to storms and hail.

2. Low Maintenance

Because metal garages are so strong against the elements, they typically require less maintenance than other materials. There is no need for sealants and painting regularly like you would with wood, and a quick rinse with a power washer and mild soap solution will remove any built-up grime.

3. Cost-Effective

metal garageBecause you only have to worry about the initial investment to construct it and there are virtually no maintenance costs, you will end up saving money in the long run. Other materials require expenses for painting and other upkeep tasks on a regular basis.

4. Customizable

Metal garages are available in various sizes, colors, and designs, making them easy to customize to your personal taste. Both the doors and surrounding building can be any color to match the rest of your property, offering a seamless look. Some styles even feature trims to complement your home, and you can also choose between single, double, and triple garage widths.


Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing has the metal garage you require for your storage needs. This Dothan, AL-based custom metal building contractor has an extensive list of options, from metal carports to metal barns and roofing. Their products provide security and stability while their expert team ensures your system is installed correctly the first time. For an estimate on their metal storage buildings, call (334) 685-0175. Visit their website for a look at their work.

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