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Why Your Sports Vehicle Needs a Radiator Flush June 26, 2019

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Why Your Sports Vehicle Needs a Radiator Flush, Anchorage, Alaska

Perhaps your ATV or dirt bike is your main toy in the summer, or your friends and family always see you aboard your snowmobile during winter. Whatever your recreational vehicle preferences are, routine maintenance is just as important as it is for cars and trucks. Among the numerous maintenance tasks to keep up with is flushing the cooling system. Read on to learn what makes routine radiator flushes a must for your recreational vehicle.

What Is A Radiator Flush & Why Does My Recreational Vehicle Need It?

What Is A Radiator Flush?

If your ATV or dirt bike has a liquid-cooled engine, the radiator is an important part of its cooling system. A type of heat exchanger, the radiator prevents the engine from overheating. It circulates a coolant-water mix through the engine, which absorbs heat. The coolant then gets transferred back into the radiator, where it is cooled by airflow for recirculation. A radiator flush involves draining the dirty coolant and cleaning the part with a mixture of coolant, water, and detergent to remove solid deposits and other debris. Once the part receives a thorough cleaning, the mixture is drained and replaced by a fresh coolant-water solution.

The Benefits You Need To Know About

ATVWithout regularly-scheduled radiator flushes, your ATV or other recreational vehicle’s engine is subject to overheating. Solid deposits clog the radiator, impeding its ability to circulate coolant and keep the engine at an optimal temperature. Overheated engines are subject to premature wear and tear.

Radiators clogged with scale, rust, and other contaminants are also subject to overheating and possible explosions. Vehicles additionally run hotter overall without coolant flushes, resulting in untimely wear and damage. Radiator flushes are subsequently preventive measures that also keep foam and rust from forming and causing more problems. New coolant mixtures contain additives that prevent foam and rust formation.


Keep your ATV in excellent condition with radiator flushes from Anchorage Suzuki/Arctic Cat. Based in Anchorage, AK, this leading provider of motorsport equipment serves clients throughout Bristol Bay, Aleutians East, and the Southeast Fairbanks area. Lawn and garden equipment such as lawn mowers and snow blowers are also available. Call (907) 272-2412 today to schedule service or review the inventory online. Get the latest updates and tips on Facebook.

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