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3 Water Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful This Summer June 19, 2019

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3 Water Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful This Summer, Asheboro, North Carolina

When the temperatures rise and the spring showers stop, the lawn you’ve been lovingly tending may start to dry up and turn brown. During the summer, proper lawn irrigation is crucial for maintaining the lush green grass you might have taken for granted all spring. The tips below will help keep your lawn beat the summer heat and stay beautiful and healthy all the way to fall.

3 Tips for Watering Your Lawn in the Summer

1. Don’t Water Every Day

Even in the height of summer, most types of grass don’t need to be watered every day. In fact, overwatering can saturate the soil and create the perfect conditions for fungus while encouraging your grass to grow shallow roots. For clay soils, you still need to water only once a week, while those with more sandy soils should irrigate their lawns every two or three days.

2. Water in the Morning

irrigationKnowing when to water your lawn will help your grass thrive throughout the summer. Watering the grass early in the morning will keep evaporation to a minimum while protecting your lawn from the afternoon heat. If you’re not home in the morning, turn the sprinklers on in the early evening before the sun goes down.

3. Install an In-Ground Irrigation System

A professionally designed and installed irrigation system is the single best investment you can make for your lawn. The best contractors will carefully choose the right equipment for your grass and position sprinklers to ensure water is evenly distributed across the lawn. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the lush green all summer.


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