Charleston, South Carolina

Vivial Now Part of XaaS1's Technology-as-a-Service Solutions June 12, 2019

Charleston, Charleston
Vivial Now Part of XaaS1's Technology-as-a-Service Solutions, Charleston, South Carolina

Technology-as-a-service, sometimes also abbreviated to TaaS, offers many benefits for your business. The TaaS packages available from XaaS1 in Rochester Hills, MI, are comprehensive, convenient, and scalable to suit your needs, offering access to the latest developments without straining your resources. XaaS1 is proud to include access to Vivial services. Here’s what you should know both about why XaaS1 is an innovator in their industry and how Vivial services can boost your bottom line. 

What Does XaaS1 Do? 

XaaSI is a cutting-edge digital distributor of technology-as-a-service offerings. This includes cloud provider access, software, unified communications platforms, managed service provider (MSP) tools like professional service automation and remote monitoring/management utilities, security service offerings like distributed denial of service protection, antivirus, and wireless or mobile technology. They also offer broader business services and collaboration tools to help your team work more effectively. They can even help you adjust to the internet-of-things, in which everyday objects found around your office ecosystem can communicate with others and be remotely monitored. 

How Does XaaS1 Provide This? 

technology-as-a-serviceXaaS1 negotiates volume licensing agreements with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs), carriers, and other global sources to maximize potential agent opportunities and margins. They also offer pre- and post-sale guidance, technical and financial advice, and supportive customer service to help their clients. When you subscribe, XaaS1 will give you a simple, intuitive single sign-on portal from which you can easily execute all sorts of tasks, from researching and quoting to ordering inventory and evaluating your monthly recurring revenue. 

What Does Vivial Offer? 

XaaS1 includes Vivial in its technology-as-a-service selections because it provides a massive, yet highly localized online marketing platform for your clientele. Vivial, a premier Google® partner, is essentially a complete awareness engine, including search engine optimization, social media management, online advertising, website design, and email marketing. XaaS1 is a channel through which you and your clients can connect to these essential services. The result is a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue at top industry margin. 

Does providing the best tech offerings to your clients while establishing or growing your monthly recurring revenue appeal to you? If so, call XaaS1 today at (248) 491-3940 to ask about connecting with Vivial and other vendors. With more than 35 years of experience, the knowledgeable technology-as-a-service providers at XaaS1 will help you find the solutions your business needs to thrive. Visit them online for more information.

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