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3 Tips for Stress-Free Flights With Kids  June 12, 2019

South End, Newport-Fort Thomas
3 Tips for Stress-Free Flights With Kids , Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

With months-long breaks in elementary and preschool, many parents plan vacations with their kids during summer. If flying to the destination is part of your travel plans, little ones could get antsy and irritable sitting in one place for extended periods. So your family is nondisruptive, and the kids remain entertained, follow the advice below.

Strategies for Flying With Youngsters

1. Pack Games That Require Focus

Without frequent stimulation, your children’s boredom could kick in quickly. To deter them from making noise and kicking seats, bring along plenty of fun activities to keep them occupied, such as crayons and coloring books. To prevent the summer slide, download educational games on your smartphone or tablet. They will have to concentrate on matching numbers, solving puzzles, and performing other tasks, leaving little time to become bored and fidgety. Flexing their mental muscles during the summer will also prepare your kids to ace coursework in their elementary and preschool classes this fall.

2. Opt for Early Boardingpreschool

If you’re flying with infants or toddlers, get in line when the flight attendant announces early boarding. The chances are you’ll be traveling with strollers, toys, transportable cribs, diaper bags, and other supplies. Boarding with a few other passengers before everyone enters the plane will ensure there is space in overhead compartments for your luggage, and it will give you more time to get situated with the kids. Plus, they could drift off to sleep before the flight takes off.

3. Don’t Forget Snacks

Tummies are bound to start rumbling during a long flight, and little bags of pretzels or peanuts might not satiate hunger. Kids fussy when hungry, so bring along a bag of snacks. Stick to chips or dry fruit to munch on, as sandwiches and other foods with sauces could be messy or leave behind lingering odors.


Summer will be over before you know it, so start thinking about preschool enrollment for your little ones now. Families in Campbell County, KY, send their children to Kids & Cribs Child Enrichment Center in Fort Thomas. For over three decades, the teachers have been passionate about providing area kids with a fun preschool curriculum grounded in the principles of developing a solid early childhood education and building strong socialization skills. To learn more about the preschool program, call (859) 441-5888. Visit the NAEYC-accredited child enrichment center online and become a Facebook follower for a closer look at the classroom experience.

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