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A Comprehensive Guide to Prenuptial Agreements July 4, 2019

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A Comprehensive Guide to Prenuptial Agreements, Torrington, Connecticut

Whether you’re newly engaged or planning to propose, it’s wise to consider what might happen in the event of divorce. Although thinking about divorce when you’re planning a wedding is far from romantic, drafting a prenuptial agreement could end up protecting both you and your future spouse if the marriage doesn’t work out. Once you’re ready to draft this document, a seasoned divorce attorney can help. In the meantime, here’s what you should know about prenuptial agreements. 

Who Can Benefit From Signing a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement is essentially an insurance policy that will protect your financial interests in the event of divorce. This document, which is signed prior to entering into marriage, can address everything from asset division to children’s inheritances. For example, if you have kids from a prior relationship, you can use a prenup to ensure they’ll receive certain assets after the divorce. You can also use a prenup to protect yourself from your spouse’s debts, such as student loans, car notes, and credit card debt. 

divorce attorneyBecause prenuptial agreements are applicable in all kinds of scenarios, virtually everyone can benefit from signing one. Even if you’re not currently wealthy, for example, you can use a prenup to protect future assets. This is especially wise for those who are anticipating some kind of family inheritance, and for those who have a fairly lucrative career trajectory but aren't necessarily making a lot of money right now. 

What Will Happen During a Divorce If I Don’t Sign a Prenup?

Divorce attorneys encourage every couple to sign a prenup because those who don't, end up facing considerable hurdles in the event that their marriage doesn't work. In Connecticut, for example, there are a variety of risks. Because Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, judges divide assets in a way that they deem fair, rather than equal. In other words, you could actually end up with less than 50% of everything you currently have. If you enter into a prenup, though, you will have more control over the divorce proceedings. 


If you and your future spouse are ready to sign a prenup, turn to The Law Offices of Conti, Levy and Salerno, LLC for legal advice. Located in Litchfield County, CT, they have a seasoned team of divorce attorneys with 75 years of experience between them. To talk to a divorce attorney on their team about your needs, call (860) 482-4451. Visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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