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5 Restaurant Kitchen Design Guidelines June 26, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Restaurant Kitchen Design Guidelines, Brooklyn, New York

Whether you’re renovating your restaurant or opening one for the first time, devising a functional custom kitchen is key to your success. The right design promotes efficiency and creates an environment that is easy for employees to comfortably share and collaborate in. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your commercial space has a useful kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Tips

1. Consider Your Menu

If you need a complete custom kitchen design, the configuration should provide room for each piece of equipment, along with sufficient work space. Depending on the type of restaurant you have, however, you may not require certain appliances if your menu is limited. That can free up valuable space you can devote to other elements, such as extra food preparation space, storage room, or an additional freezer.

2. Recognize Your Flow

Brooklyn, NY custom kitchenThe most optimal custom kitchen designs make it easy for employees to work efficiently. It should be simple for staff to move from stove to sink, for example, or from shelves of baking ingredients to the butcher block counter where you prepare your signature dishes. Head chefs may have significant input at this stage, as they can determine which areas of the kitchen are most vital to an efficient, organized space.

3. Maximize Your Space

It doesn’t have to be a large kitchen to be a functional one. Take into consideration how you can best maximize its efficiency, no matter what the square footage of the space. Your design team could incorporate mobile kitchen products, such as workstations, that are easy to maneuver out of the way when not in use. You might even add a mobile food truck to your repertoire if you want to expand to a wider base and add more useful workspace.

4. Prioritize Food Safety

The state’s food protection program is committed to the safety and well-being of all restaurant patrons. Your designer will ensure that the kitchen is in accordance with established guidelines to minimize illness concerns and promote a healthy, safe environment in which to prepare meals for the general public. This includes devising proper cleaning stations and installing sufficient sinks and dishwashers to maintain tidy spaces.

5. Promote Energy Efficiency

The most functional modern kitchens are highly energy efficient. This is key in commercial kitchens, which use considerable energy for everything from appliances to lighting. Commit to installing devices that utilize the minimum amount of energy without sacrificing safety or quality.


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