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Why Are Tennis Lessons Great for Kids This Summer? Read More Here June 13, 2019

Beavercreek, Greene
Why Are Tennis Lessons Great for Kids This Summer? Read More Here, Beavercreek, Ohio

Summer is coming up, and keeping children busy and active during their time off of school is important. While you may be considering a few different outdoor activities, one way to get them moving is to hone their tennis skills. Check out why joining a sports club and getting tennis lessons can make for a great summer.

Keep Children Active This Summer by Playing Tennis


Sports are a great gift for children. The first reason to have them engage in outdoor activities is their health. Tennis is an aerobic activity that improves metabolic function. It can also help regular heart rate and blood pressure, and the exercise will help kids maintain a healthy weight while building muscle tone, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Tennis is a non-impact sport and is great for any age or skill level. Strength is not a necessary factor, but gameplay improves reaction times and coordination. Those who play tend to stay with the sport for years, making it an outdoor activity that will keep them active for their lifetime.

Other Skills

outdoor activitiesTennis is a social sport. Whether you play in singles or doubles tournaments or you take a few lessons, you will engage with another player or instructor. Besides physical improvement, tennis also makes you think, boosting brain power and improving strategic thinking and alertness, which can carry over into children’s academic life. Time on the tennis court also relieves stress and anxiety, and many kids on summer vacation welcome the break from their daily tasks.


If you want to get your child active with tennis lessons or league play, visit Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club (BCCTC). Based in Beavercreek, OH, the facility boasts brand-new clay tennis and pickleball courts. Members also have an array of outdoor activities and social events at their disposal. The club provides tennis lessons for juniors and seniors along with leagues and clinics to hone your game. The center offers 10 and under clinics and programs, junior tennis clinics, and programs for all levels. They even offer private lessons and high school leagues. To view their upcoming schedule, visit them online or call (937) 956-8864 for more information.

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